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The crowd-funding campaign through to raise money for the Nashville album will begin on June 14th! The chance to record with producer Viktor Krauss, brother of Alison Krauss, in Nashville is really a dream opportunity and I am calling on you guys to get on board in helping it become a reality. I have chatted to Viktor Krauss a number of times and I know this is going to be by far the best recording I have ever done. The musicians that Viktor is considering to play on the album have played with the likes of Bob Dylan, Robert Plant and Patty Griffin and I'm blown away that these will be the musicians that will be playing my songs on the album. It's either going to be the best thing I ever do or a stepping stone to greater things.

Rewards for contributing to the crowd-funding campaign could include: a signed copy of the album, a thankyou in the liner notes, a personalised song written for you or a friend, a concert by the band in your very own home, or a cover song of your choice recorded by us and uploaded to YouTube. Let us know if you have ideas for other rewards you would like to see on offer.

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